Zero Waste Week

As zero waste week draws to a close, I wonder what I can do to reduce the amount of disposable items I use.  I consider myself pretty efficient; I never buy water bottles, I refuse straws and I always take my keep cup with me when I buy coffee. However, I am far from living... Continue Reading →

Bristol to Bath by bike

Yogurt coated oats and coconut flakes melted in my mouth. The sweet granola was complemented by sour berries. This was washed down with a turmeric latte. The spice kicked the back of my throat cleansing my pallet. Sitting on the river-side we watched the world go by. It was 9.30am on Saturday. Consequently, there wasn't... Continue Reading →

Day two in Bristol

Walking along the river starting in Bristol Redcliffe it is possible to reach the quaint suburbs of Clifton. It is a glorious walk (even if the end is up an extremely steep hill). On our journey we passed the SS Great Britain - the longest boat of her time in 1845. The boat has a... Continue Reading →

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