Relaxing Rishikesh

By chance I woke up at 7am just in time for a free yoga class on the hostel rooftop. It was a great start to the day. Shortly after the weather took a turn for the worse. It was the first time I have seen rain in India. Silver lightning bolts shot through the sky... Continue Reading →

The longest train ride of my life…

The train journey from Varanasi to Haridwar was over 21 hours. We set off at 8am and arrived at 5.30am. surprisingly, it went fairly quickly. It was spent writing, sleeping and eating. We were in a second class carriage with three tiered sleeping berths. At times it was pretty hot but at others the aircon... Continue Reading →

A different side to Varanasi

There is never a dull moment in Varanasi. Wherever you look there is something to watch. 60,000 people visit the holy city per day. It is constantly rammed full of pedestrians, vehicles and cows. I wanted a moment out. So I found a gym and strolled over. It cost £5 for the day and I... Continue Reading →

Burning bodies in the Ganges

Staying in hostels give a false sense of tranquility. Waking up in Go Stops 14 bed dorm room felt peaceful. We enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast on the balcony before venturing out for the free market tour organised by our hostel. The moment I stepped into the street drivers yelled at us, cows walked past... Continue Reading →

One holy city to the next

Where should I go? As a traveller with no plan, it can be tricky to decide which destination you should go to next. This of course is the excitement of traveling too. So far I have been following advice given by hostel staff, other travelers and guide books. Arriving in one place you can work... Continue Reading →

Museum morning in Jaipur and bus to Agra

On our last morning in Jaipur we went to check out the Albert Museum (one of the attractions left on our consortium ticket). It was definitely worth the visit. The building itself was stunning and the artifacts fascinating. There were art pieces from all over the world. Many from within India. There were religious artifacts.... Continue Reading →

Jaipur – the Pink City

There was a friendly mother and her 16-year-old daughter sharing our dorm room in Jaipur, Zostel. They were very keen to have us accompany them in their booked AC cab for some exploring. The duo had come from Mumbai for a couple of days as a treat. We jumped on board and drove around the... Continue Reading →

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