Farms, beaches and lagoons

Our road trip continued North Westerly from Swansea. The drive was gorgeous, we journeyed along county roads. Trees lined the streets and towered above us. Their leaves were turning orange and yellow. Other trees had already lost their leaves allowing the bright blue sky to be visible behind their long armed branches. Stone walls stood... Continue Reading →

Descending 90m down

Kitted with a hard hat, gas mask and head torch, we descended 90 meters below the earth's surface. 15 of us squished into a metal cage lift. On exiting the air was cold. Looking upwards my head lamp revealed a ceiling constructed with timber. The wood was changed periodically when rot became visible. We were... Continue Reading →

Sweet smelling vineyards

We checked out of Casa Sara bright and early before wondering around Pontevedra. Finding a supermarket, we stocked up on supplies before heading off. These were mostly chocolate based. My brother invested in a litre of cacolatte milk which did not last long at all. We also purchased chocolate yoghurts, fruit breakfast bars and pastries.... Continue Reading →

Day 7 of the hike

Having a comfortable lie-in was magical. We made our way to breakfast where we enjoyed pastries and yoghurt. Feeling refreshed it was time to set off. I thanked the receptionist for our stay. She kissed me goodbye and pointed us in the right direction. The day began walking downhill (what a treat). This did not... Continue Reading →

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