I am the king of the castle

The day began with royalty, Seaview Hotel cooked us up a feast: runny fried eggs, Heinz baked beans, grilled tomatoes, spinach and cheese veggie sausages and crispy hash browns, lathered in tomato ketchup with buttered brown bread. This was the perfect fuel for the day. Completely full and satisfied from a wonderful meal, we rolled into the car.

Our first stop for the day was Cilgerran Castle. Being a National Trust property we didn’t have to pay to enter. We parked on a side street and walked up to the magnificent landmark. Walking around the ruins we pretended we were the royal family.


We wondered what it would have been like to live there and to be a king. Built in the 13th Century, the castle inspired many artists, one of whom was Turner.


After we got out fix of living like a king it was time to walk off breakfast.


We drove to Cenarth Falls (recommended by the staff in Seaview Hotel). If you park 30 seconds away from the waterfall you don’t have to pay for parking. Otherwise, the car park next to the falls costs £2.50. We parked for free on the B4332.


From the car we crossed the stone bridge over River Teifi. On disembarking, the waterfalls were to our right. Water gushed over hard rocks and sprayed into the river creating a white foam. Trees towered above the river on both sides. We walked along the left bank, skipping over twigs and being careful not to slip on the mud. The path was fairly narrow. Not wanting to fall in the murky water we were sensible and watched each step.


After a while, the path went away from the river and through woodland. Crunchy leaves whispered as we stepped on them. Opening a wooden gate we were led to a road. Other walkers who we spoke to when parking to check it was free advised us that the road would lead us in a circle back to the car. We followed their suggestion and made our way back. We were now much higher up than the river but could still hear its murmur in the far distance. We returned to the car ready to continue our road trip.

Next on the cards was more walking, this time along the coast. Opening up our National Trust phone application the next recommended spot on route was Traeth Penbryn. Parking was free due to being National Trust members. Otherwise it costs a few quid. A kind gentleman gave us his parking ticket as he was leaving (not that we really needed it, being members).

Nonetheless, we thanked him and began our walk through the woods. We followed signs for the; ‘coastal route.’ This winding path took us out of the enclosed woodland, giving us ocean views. Cliffs coated in a carpet of Bracknell were seen ahead. Viewing the golden sandy bay below we were both keen to reach the beach.  We skipped down the steep path.


The beach was wonderful. Chosing a comfortable looking slab of slate we sat watching the ocean continuously sway up and down the sand bringing pebbles with it. I wondered what fossils were hidden in the cliffs. The history of the landscape I’m sure had a lot to teach us.


We walked back to the car park and sat in a cosy tea shop named Plwmp Tart Cafe. The waitress was extremely friendly. When we asked her questions about the local community she not only answered them but stayed with us for a chat. She taught us that in schools children speak Welsh. Their exams are in both Welsh and English. She loved living there but found it lonely at times. I could see the pros and cons of being there. While, you could walk every day (dreamy) you might miss human interaction. Plus jobs were hard to come by.

It was time to get back on the road to make it to our hotel we booked the night before. We made it to Aberystwyth just before 6pm. Greek at the Olive Branch was on the cards for dinner. We enjoyed falafels for a starter and I enjoyed a delicious roast vegetable dish with rice.

Satisfied from all the food we walked into a tacky beach side casino in search for a cash point. Finding it to have a service charge we chose against using it. Instead we converted 20p into 2ps to use on the machines. This must have been the first time I have ever left one of those places with a profit. Not that I make a habit of going in them. Being the end of the day the machines seemed to drop pennies out of them. I went around collecting 10ps that had fallen out. There was also £1 in one of the games that had fallen out. We left with a profit of £2.50.

An hour down it was time to check into The Pier Hotel. Paying just £70 for the night, the room exceeded our expectations, it was lovely and had a kettle. To me if the room had a kettle it was an easy win. After a camomile tea we slept soundly.


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