A sunny walk in Aberystwyth

The sun shone through the hotel curtains waking me up. Keen to make the most of the weather we checked out of the hotel, dropped the bags in the car and walked along the sea front. It was fairly quiet out.

Rock pools clustered at the far end of the beach. Holding my arms out I tried to balance as we leapt over the small collections of water. I scrutinised the pools for crabs. Limpets held onto the rocks firmly. Little shells were attached to the rocks with suction. Slippery seaweed added to the challenge of our natural obstacle course. On reaching the furthest point from the beach I took a pew on one of the more comfortable looking rocks. Flask in hand, I sipped on the tea I had made in the hotel room. Now slightly luke-warm. I looked out across the vast ocean and wondered how far away the horizon was. Sitting peacefully I listened to the waves and let them clear my mind.


I am not sure how long I was sat. After some time we moved on. Walking up the cliff we ventured to the top but not before having another seat with a view. This time we were looking down at the sea crashing against the cliff we were now sat on. Birds swooped down in front of us feeding on fish in the ocean. In the far distance we saw the outline of dolphins leaping out of the sea and diving back in. Groups of five or so could be made out.


We made it to the top of the cliff a little while later. Paying 20p that we won or found in the casino the night before we used the telescope. It didn’t focus too clearly for us.


It was time to go back to the car to make a packed lunch. We walked the way we had come enjoying more spectacular coastal views.

In the car we grabbed our bread, tuna and snacks and tucked in to our food on a seafront bench.


Afterwards, we walked round the town center, stocked up on supplies in a big Tesco before heading off to our final destination in Wales – Snowdonia National Park.

After an hour of driving we stopped by at Corris Crafts Center for a cup of tea. The sky had become somewhat overcast. Peering out the cafe window we admired the mountains covered in orange and yellow fauna. There was a playground in the valley. It was empty. Rain bounced off the swings settling on the tarmac.

With the caffeine boast, it was time to get on our way. We arrived as the sun was setting at Y Pengwern. Wanting to make the most of the last few moments of light we went for a brief stroll. We found a creepy looking church. The wind howled as we stood in front of the ivory infected building. Either side of us gravestones protruded from the ground.


Walking around the church I felt eery. The main door was bolted shut. There was no exit gate so we jumped over the stone wall wanting to make a speedy escape. Walking up a hill across the road from the church we were hoping for a nice view. However, on mounting the top we were greeted with a tonne of gravestones. More dead bodies. Feeling spooked out it was time to go to the hotel and find some dinner.


The hotel didn’t serve food so we ventured out in the car in the pitch black to try to find some grub. A while later we came to some pubs and shops. Most were closed but we found a chinese. This would have to do. We took the food back to Y Pengwern (our accommodation) and ate there.

Before going to bed we did a little research about where to spend our last day.




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