Adventures in Snowdonia

Sat in the confines of our warm car, munching on cheese and pickle sandwiches we watched the rain pound the windscreen. Visibility was poor. A mysterious white mist engulfed the car. Strong winds caused our heavy metal tin of a car to sway to the left and right. I thought we would be picked up and float away.

We hadn’t travelled hundreds of miles to simply sit in the car and enjoy the cloudy views. Consequently, we wrapped up, put on water proof trousers and a jacket before opening the car door. No easy task. Pushing against the wind with all our might we made it out of our warm safety net.

In front of us was a lake that we could just about make out. Behind the car there appeared to be various footpaths leading up the side of mountains. We opted for these rather than following the road around the lake.

To begin with the uphill climb was a struggle, we fought both the wind and rain. At times being conveniently pushed along by gusts of wind, at other moments it was more of a hindrance. It was certainly an adventure. We wanted to get to near the top of the hill before turning back. The higher we got the less trodden the path became. Luckily, the wind did quieten down for us. The rain on the other hand didn’t want to cease.

At times boulders littered the way. We held on carefully to them as we manoeuvred our way across. Underground rivers were heard gushing beneath us. Careful not to miss step and end in one we watched each step.

Once we were happy we had reached high enough, we took a diagonal path down the mountain. On reaching the bottom we bumped into a group of like-minded crazy walkers. They showed us their OS map and described their journey.

Instead of heading back we continued our walk in the downpour. We walked along the valley floor towards another cluster of mountains. While the visibility was poor, we could make out various land forms. Water ran over boulders in fast flowing rivers. Scree deposition were noted trailing down mountain sides.

We passed a camp site, where bright orange tents shock in the wind. They were firmly pegged down, nonetheless they looked most precarious.

When it hit 3pm, it was time to return to the car, we only had a couple of hours of so called ‘sunlight’ left. We walked back the way we had come.

Despite, the rain, cold and not being able to see what I am sure was a beautiful view; we felt incredible. Alive. Lucky to be able to hike despite the weather. It was a special experience and one which was enjoyable.

When we returned to the car, we discovered that not all coats are waterproof (even if they may be advertised as so). We dried off and changed into dry clothes before heading off towards London.

We had booked Haya guest house in Birmingham for the evening. It was a two hour drive from Snowdonia and a two hour drive to London. It was clean, lovely and very reasonably price, costing just £45 with breakfast included, it was a steal. Exhausted from all the walking and driving we slept soundly.

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