Travelling in style

One major benefit of working for an airline is that you can sometimes travel on luxury flights and only need to pay for the taxes. A perk of being friends with people that work for an airline is that you get to jump onboard with this novelty.

Consequently, I am now sat in a spacious, reclining, club seat on a British Airways flight to Cape Town. Before the plane even takes off, friendly cabin crew offer you a cold glass of champagne.

With these staff flights you can provisionally book in advance but they are not confirmed to be flying until a few days before the flight is due to leave. Five days ago my friend texted me saying: ‘We are confirmed, we are going to Cape Town!’

Our seats were on the top level of the plane. I was amazed at there being two floors in an aeroplane. There was so much space. The airplane had a set of stairs inside. I was gobsmacked. On our special club floor, there were only 20 people. Consequently, we got remarkable service. This a million miles away from the easyjet jam packed seats I was used to.

Sitting down I wasn’t sure where to begin. There was a silky soft duvet, comfy pillow, food menu, cold water and the cabin crew gave me a White Company luxury wash kit. Inside were White Company toiletries (moisturiser, lip balm, calming roll) along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, soft eye mask and lovely warm socks.

Next it was time to choose what to eat for dinner. I went for Scottish smoked salmon which came with a salad and warm granary brown bread roll. This was followed by a seared fillet of beef with roast potatoes and parsnips. For dessert I enjoyed a chocolate and mango cremeux. It melted in my mouth. I even got a cup of camomile tea to wash it all down. During the flight there were unlimited drinks included.

Feeling satisfied from dinner I pressed a button on my chair which made it into a bed. As soon as I put the eye mask on and my head landed on the comfortable pillow I fell asleep.

For breakfast another feast was on the cards. I enjoyed; fresh fruit, warm croissant with strawberry jam and a fruit muesli followed by a hot breakfast of poached eggs, spinach and kedgeree arancini, which I later discovered to be a delicious risotto fish cake. While tucking in I enjoyed watching Cheasel beach on my television screen.

I could certainly get used to traveling Club class. Costing us just 200 pounds return, I am feeling extremely lucky and grateful. Hopefully our flight on the way home will be confirmed as club too.

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