Couchsurfing for dummies

Couchsurfing is a website which allows you to connect with locals, make friends, get tours and find a home to stay in - all for free. The idea is that people offer their homes, time and hospitality and in return they gain a friend, learn about different cultures and have fun with like minded people. So... Continue Reading →

London’s 3,000 year old forest

Fancy a forest walk? I know I do. Finding a quiet stretch of nature in London can be a tricky affair. It also depends on how we personally define nature. However, that's a different debate for another day. For now, if we look hard enough we can find peaceful woodland and fascinating wildlife on our... Continue Reading →

Treat Yourself to a Spa Break

What better way to spend a cold, grey, winter weekend than warming up at a luxurious spa. There are many accommodation options across the UK and some great bargains can be found on the following websites: Last Minute Spa Breaks Groupon Wowcher Alternatively book a night at a hotel and go to a nearby leisure center for some treatments (may work... Continue Reading →

Exploring Surrey

Need to get out of the city, look no further. Surrey has a lot to offer and is only a 25 minute train ride from London Waterloo.  From beautiful hikes to the Mercedes-Benz World. There  is something for everyone. Here are my favorite spots in Surrey: Wisley Gardens: Wisley Gardens is part of the Royal Horticulture Society. It... Continue Reading →

Make The Most Out Of Your Commute

On average Londoners spend fifty-five minutes getting into work (according to a Guardian article). That is just under ten hours a week sitting on the tube, bus or in a car… In other words most people spend at least 40 hours per month commuting. Think what you could do with 40 extra hours. You could... Continue Reading →

‘The Thinking Revolution’ by Dene Stuart

Nursery, Primary School, Secondary School, University and then what? Practically all of my life up until 2015 has been in education. Despite those 17 years of being taught, lectured and prepared for the 'real world,' when I finally left university, I felt  totally unprepared to enter the unknown. I didn't want to venture away from the safety... Continue Reading →

How To Cope With Caring For A Sick Parent

There comes a time in everyone’s life were we have to look after our parents. The very people who brought us into the world will need our support. This task is never going to be easy. Seeing our role-models, number one supporters and people we love most, ask us for help, is heart-breaking. Generally speaking, this... Continue Reading →

A break from the City

Sometimes we get sick of seeing the same things day in, day out. Living in a busy, bustling city is exciting but can be tiring too. While there is always a new street to explore, a different museum to visit and unique restaurants to try; one thing is missing. That is natural landscape. I love... Continue Reading →

Knock, Knock who’s there

  My time as a door knocker has come to an end. I am about to embark upon a new journey -working for one of London's largest recycling companies. I think it is only fitting to pass on some lessons I have learnt about dealing with the public, using persuasive skills and reading body language. Before... Continue Reading →

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