Yoga, swimming and hiking

Waking up early, I was ready for some morning yoga. I went to a very strange yoga class next to the hostel costing 200 rupees - around £2. The instructor began with some basic sun salutations. He then chose some more advanced sequences, which I enjoyed. However, there were beginners in the class that were... Continue Reading →

Happy Holi

In India, once a year the county is greeted with colour during the Holi festival. I was fortunate enough to be in Mumbai when Holi was being celebrated.The day began on the rooftop at Basti hostel where we were plastered from head to toe in paint. We threw paint at each other as well as... Continue Reading →

बुरा न मानो होली है Please don’t mind me (throwing colours on you). It’s Holi

Waking up early, I decided I would set off before the sun reached its peak. Following advice from the lovely staff at Basti hostel I went on a 20 to 30 minute walk to the nearby beach. School children lined up for registration outside, while their teachers spoke through a megaphone. Adults were speed walking... Continue Reading →

Magical Mumbai

The day started off fiery with a spicy breakfast. I tucked into a rice and chickpea dish provided by the hostel. This was washed down with a sweet chai tea. Fed and watered, I decided to set off for the day. Time to explore Mumbai. Speaking to others over breakfast I concluded that I must... Continue Reading →

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