No monkey business in the Caribbean

Striking palm trees, displaying an array of long, bright green leaves jutting out the top of their trunks, line the Carribean black sand beach. They are an important asset to the citizens in Tortegero - where I am currently laying comfortably in a blue hammock. The sturdy palm trees produce numerous coconuts which are sold... Continue Reading →

My name is Tarzan I swing from trees

Yesterday's adventure revolved around witnessing the incredible cloud forest in La Fortuna, Costa Rica from a totally new angle. Thus far, I have been totally amazed walking, hiking and running through various, different forests in central America. However, I have always been at the ground level. Yesterday I was lucky enough to zip line over... Continue Reading →

Someone stole my bikini

Hostel Choza provided us with a hearty scrambled egg breakfast which set us up perfectly for our day hike. We began by following the map to the lagoon national park entrance. As it was going to be a 5.5km trek just to the start of our hike, we decided after a couple of kilometres to... Continue Reading →

Monteverte – Just like home

As the bus climbed up steep, dirt roads into the mountains the rainy drizzle began. Monteverte is a small, cute, quiet town in the cloud forest mountains. Consequently, it hosts rainy, windy and somewhat chilly conditions. On arrival I felt very cold all of a sudden so got my hoody, rain jacket and thermals out.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to civilisation

While you still can't put toilet paper in the loo, street vendors hassle you and beggars are still around, Costa Rica has actual roads, clean buses and get this chain hotels such as the Hilton - not that you'll find me there. We crossed the border with ease and entered a new country. Part of... Continue Reading →

Bye bye Nicaragua

I spend my last couple of days in Nicaragua in Rivas followed by San Juan de La Sur. Firstly, my Spanish buddy and myself stopped in Rivas for some souvenir and clothes shopping. I had not been shopping in a long time and wanted to buy some bits and bobs. Turned out that Rivas is... Continue Reading →

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