Day two in Barcelona

Websites,  books and fellow travelers claim the Sagrada Familia to be the number one site to see in Barcelona, having seen it, I can confirm that it is a spectacular work of art. It is astonishing to think that we, man kind have the ability to build such a ginormous, majestic, stunning building. Sagrada Familia's... Continue Reading →

Day one in Barcelona 

Hopping off the air conditioned Spanish metro at station Catalunya and journeying up the escalators you will be greeted with the hustle and bustle of the lively city Barcelona, directly in front of you is the tree lined, commercial Ramblas Street. This district is highly touristic with all your holiday gimmicks, from restaurants to souvenir... Continue Reading →

‘The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest’ John Muir

Three years ago, I ventured alone half way across our planet to one of the world's most precious, majestic and fascinating regions, namely the Amazon rain-forest.  I had only ever read about the Amazon in textbooks or seen it on the television. To enter the complex, ever changing haven of  diverse life was an overwhelming experience I will... Continue Reading →

Leeds to Ilkley cycle 

Cycling along the tranquil,  tree lined, fairly flat,  Leeds to Liverpool canal provides a perfect ride for casual bikers as well as the more serious. It stretches for 127 miles linking Leeds and Liverpool. The great thing about this cycle route, is that there are no cars present, not too many pedestrians and a majestic... Continue Reading →

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