The Glass Menagerie

Last night we went to see a production of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. It was a four character play and was done very well. It was set in St Louis in the south. At first it was hard to work out what accents the actors were trying to imitate but a quick Wikipedia... Continue Reading →

And the data entry begins

Time to sit down and make some pretty graphs showing temporal and spatial environmental changes. I have been given data for several weather stations and am tackling summarising solar radiation, air, soil and stream temperature data. Making clear, precise, well displayed graphs is rewarding even if the process can be long at times. It will... Continue Reading →

My first American football match

College football is a massive deal out here - the event itself is a sociable, lively and raucous spectacle. The atmosphere was amazing, people were cheering like there was no tomorrow. Others were stamping their feet on the bleachers and shaking bottles with coins in. People were very much into supporting their team. The cheerleaders... Continue Reading →

Potato harvest

In our frantic weekly supermarket shop there is barely time to contemplate where our food has come from. Visiting a ranch in the midst of potato harvest really opened my eyes to some of the processes involved. This ranch were harvesting seed potatoes. These are sold to farmers in March to be used to grow... Continue Reading →

City girl becomes cowgirl

Today, I thought I was going to visit a ranch to watch branding, which in itself would have been a great experience. However, when we arrived I was asked if I wanted to help out. Of course I leapt at this opportunity, put my cowgirl hat on and got to work. Branding occurs once a... Continue Reading →

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