The Wild West

Don't you think this lake is a beautiful, natural wonder? I did at first too. Until I discovered that it had been poisoned with rhodium, explaining the green colour. The chemical is white but was dyed green to track it's dispersal. The reasoning behind the poisoning was to kill all the fish in the lake.... Continue Reading →

World animal day

Today, Dillon's Episcopal church held their Sunday service in honour of their pets. The church was established in 1881 and had a small congregation of about 20 people, 8 dogs, 1 parrot, 1 cat and 5 horses. The service was quiet an experience as you can imagine. It kicked off as you would expect with... Continue Reading →

And the data entry begins

Time to sit down and make some pretty graphs showing temporal and spatial environmental changes. I have been given data for several weather stations and am tackling summarising solar radiation, air, soil and stream temperature data. Making clear, precise, well displayed graphs is rewarding even if the process can be long at times. It will... Continue Reading →

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