Norfolk folk

Do you fancy getting away from the busy, polluted and manic city of London but can’t face journeying across the pond? If the answer is yes look no further. With a week-end, entire week or a few days to spare,  a great option is staying in the delightful Norfolk. Depending on where you are travelling... Continue Reading →

Top tips for cycling in London

Cycling around any busy city can seem a bit daunting at first. Taxi drivers will cut in-front of you with no warning, huge double-decker buses will stop before you forcing you into the middle of the road, while reckless city folk, who always seem to be in a rush speed past you, skimming the hairs on... Continue Reading →

The oxymoron that is the London tube

While, some individuals call the tube an underground sewer, it can be a thrilling spot to people watch, walk fast and get into the swing of London living. Seeing all the commuters stare at their smart phones which do not even work underground, will make you giggle and revel in the fact that you have... Continue Reading →

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